Have Our Diets Changed?

How we eat, live, move and socialise on a typical day builds our habits. These longer term behaviours have a lasting impact on the sum of food we eat (our diets), the choices we make (our lifestyles) and how we interact with others (a big part of our wellbeing).

Significant life events, such as bereavement or a change in employment, can have a significant impact of our quality of life and dietary habits which can impact our overall wellbeing and disease risk. The pandemic has done this on a global scale, with the biggest impacts seen for those most disrupted. The outcome the cyclic social restrictions is likely to have a lasting impact on our health.

Emerging data has shown that social isolations for extended periods of time and prolonged confinement has changed our dietary habits which, if maintained, will impact our risk factors for the development and management of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and musculoskeletal conditions.

Changes to daily habits overtime changes our risks for developing or managing conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease

What does the evidence say?

What Can I Do To Be Healthier?

Importantly our diets and lifestyles have a big impact on our overal health so making small changes towards eating healthier and being more active can have the single biggest impacts of improving our health.



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