Being Well Away From The Office

With working from alternative locations, such as homes, different offices or shared locations, becoming a more regular occurrence staying healthy and active in these environments becomes even more important.

We’ve pulled together the latest nutrition and health advice in 5 simple steps below to help you stay active and healthy wherever you’re working.

1: Eat Well

Wherever you’re working, remembering to eat regularly with a healthy, balanced diet equips your body with the right energy, nutrients and hydration to stay healthy. Even the best diet can’t ‘boost’ an immune system or provide extra protection, however a balanced diet provides the vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to function at its best.

So follow these top tips for a healthy balanced diet, wherever you’re working.


Easy to forget but especially important when working in unfamiliar settings. Breaks not only help to add structure to your day, they’re a great way to introduce some activity, fresh air and a change of scenery. So whether you’re able to get out for a short walk, move to a different room for a change of setting or just take a break by a window,  all can help to provide mental stimulation and release.

3: Stay Active

Aim to build in activity throughout your day – however small or big your new working environment is. Whether this involves star jumps in the hallway, a brisk walk down the road or concurring a few flights of stairs, aim to build in 150 minutes (2.5 hours) over the week to help you stay active and healthy. Anything that raises your heart rate counts!

Find out more about how to stay active here.

4: Pick Up The Phone

Especially important if you’re used to working in team settings, a change to your environment can at times feel isolating and lonely. So, where you can, speak to a real voice or person each day – whether that is through a video chat, phone call or face to face.


Not all of us have the luxury of a garden or air conditioning, but the importance of well-ventilated air and natural day light is important not only for our mental health but also our natural body clocks, concentration and brain function. So, where you can, keep your location well-ventilated and with plenty of natural day light to keep you working at your best.